Stone Textile’s New Wallpaper Collection is a Kaleidoscope of Neutrals

Austin-based textile designer Elizabeth Mollen teams up with Black Crow Studios for a collection of painterly papers.

Elizabeth Mollen—interior designer, fabric guru and founder of Austin’s Stone Textile — is applying her signature take on neutrals to a new, made-in-America, range of wallpaper for LA-based Black Crow Studios.

Almost a year in the making, joyfully interrupted by the arrival of Mollen’s first son, the debut collection boasts nine digitally-printed patterns in an assortment of muted hues. “I want people to build a space with my wallpaper as the background and not feel bound to a color scheme,” says the designer of her thoughtfully-restrained palette.

Tracy Hiner of Black Crow Studios, tapped Mollen for this specific ethos. “The collection is a departure from our typical offerings in many ways,” she says, “We are known for our bold colors and vibrant imagery while Stone Textile’s designs are heavily graphic and stay within a neutral palette.”

 Her patterns, all inspired by vintage shapes and found objects, were conceived as watercolor paintings she sketched in her free time. This is most evident in her particularly painterly Herringbone print. The line features bold strokes, opposing scales and striking linear forms, all unified by a hand-done softness.

For her own space, Mollen opts for her boldest offering, “I just put Mosaic up in my design studio,” she muses, “I can’t wait to see how versatile this collection will be.”

It’s safe to say, neither can we.   

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