Add Some Color to Your Life With Sabrina Soto's Bright New Target Line

Plus, get the scoop on her adorable new nursery decor.

Sabrina Soto TK
Photos by Kate Szatmari and Target

Designer, author, and lifestyle blogger Sabrina Soto is a creative whirlwind who always has at least a few projects in the works.When she's not sharing delicious Cuban recipes on her blog Casa & Company, Soto is busy designing vibrant, playful bedding and bath necessities for her new Target line, which now includes baby decor (did we mention she's also a new mom?). We recently chatted with Soto about her new line, her embrace of all things colorful and bright, and how being a mom has affected her aesthetic.

What was the inspiration for your new Target line?

My goal was to bring together fun and playful patterns and make them comfortable and soft! Not only did I want the pieces in my collection to scream chic, but I also wanted them to be perfect for everyday use and wear. Some of the pieces are even reversible.

Sabrina Soto TK

You’re clearly not afraid of color. Have you always been drawn to a bright, vibrant aesthetic or is this something that has evolved?

I absolutely love color! I always try to pull inspiration from my Cuban roots. Color dresses any space; it sets the tone to create a beautiful and vibrant interior that is full of life and bright energy. It’s also great for building character and charm in any neutral interior.

Sabrina Soto TK

There’s a lot of whimsy in this line — cheeky watermelon and shark pillows, for example. Why did you want to incorporate these playful elements into the collection?

Whenever I’m designing a space, I look for balance. I’ve decided to incorporate some fun and whimsy into my designs to create the balance between function and play. I like to design spaces that are always exciting and full of surprises.

You’ve also launched a line of baby decor products with Target. What are your three favorite pieces from the new collection?

Only three? I can’t! Honestly, I love every single piece in my baby décor collection. The patterns are simply adorable!

And you recently became a mom yourself! How do you think that will start to influence your design style?

Olivia has definitely already influenced my design style! I’m more aware of the essentials a child needs, the colors they love and the shapes they smile at. I’ve tried to incorporate all of these elements into my baby decor products.

Sabrina Soto TK
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